This is my personal site for displaying whatever "little projects" I have been developing in my spare time.

Droid XAndroid

Lately I've been playing around with my new Motorola Droid X phone, which runs the Android operating system. It has replaced both my previous LG Voyager phone and my Sansa Fuze MP3 player (mentioned lower on this page).

I've written a few programs for it, but as of this writing, I have only "published" them here, not on the Android Market.

 droidx logo


JCrossPuz screen shot

The JCrossPuz program, written in Java, will display crossword puzzles (.puz files) and allow them to be filled in from the keyboard. They also may be printed for working on them without the computer.


bird feederBird feeder photos

I used my digital camera to take a number of photos of the birds at the feeder on my deck. Here are the best of them...


VoyagerLG Voyager Flash clocks

I have the LG Voyager cell phone which allows the installation of Adobe Flash-based "wallpaper" files. The ones I've made all display the current time and date in addition to some interesting animations.



Fuzilier is a "drag-and-drop" application written to ease the process of loading music, photos and podcast files into the Sansa® Fuze™ media player.